Getting rid of the clutter

desk declutter

I have always been organising things – making lists, putting things on alphabet – but somehow I tend to end up in a cluttered environment because I have so many ideas but never the time, energy or means to actually sort things out properly. But last weekend it finally hit the point of no return. I was fed up with the mess on my desk and the idea of starting this blog finally pushed me into action.

mess 1

A colourful collection or so it seems, but I can’t find a thing!

mess 2

When we zoom in all we see is more things I don’t need…

Getting started


To make things easier I decided to just take everything from my desk – except the platforms – and dump it on the kitchen table. Somehow whenever I declutter something it always seems to get worse – much worse – before getting better. I do hope I’m not the only one who this happens to?

Sidetracked once again

Halfway through checking the mess from my desk for what I wanted to keep and what I could loose, I picked up my binders and leafed through them. I had 4 big, bulky, and mismatched binders with colourful labels that stored all the papers I need to keep and then some. Instead of letting them be I had the urge to sort those as well, making sure I had a matching set (yes I have OCD tendencies) as well as tabs that are all the same throughout the binders.

new binders

I found a huge collection of scrap-booking paper at a dollar store this summer and finally have a use for it – I selected the calmest print and made labels for the backs of the binders using a glue roller to stick them to the original labels. Now to the coolest part: sorting though the binders to see what could go and what I needed to keep. A lot of people – including myself – keep too much paperwork while all they need are the overviews.

I can admit that I threw out a couple of kilos of old unneeded paper work, reducing it all from 4 big binders to 1 big one and 2 smaller binders. I stored the remainder ofthem below the tabs with the money bag, mine with a little lady and my husband’s with a guy figure. Whenever there are “mine” and “his” parts I used these icons to say it easily.


sorted binders

Again the labels on the back to indicate what you can find in the binder and I’m all done. In the middle you see the bookkeeping of my husband’s photography and then the two binders to the right are for my Blog-planning and my Meal-planner and recipe binder.

Back to the main event


After this sidestep I continued to throw out unneeded or misplaced items and started allotting certain items to specific spots. First I got the rest of the cabinet going. I decided to only have printing paper (yes we have three types!) punched pockets, labels and envelopes in here, the rest of my office supplies could be stored on my desk itself. Clearing the top opened up space for my printer which could use the more central space in my home office.

toolsNow on to the desk itself. First things that returned on my desk are visible in this close-up: cello-tape, stapler, a two-hole-punch, and label writer. And not to forget a ready stash of business cards for my husband’s business. Ow and my personal sweet stash 😀


The past year I have received 12 Truly Yours boxes which are great to store all the little things on and around the desk – only downside is that they are not all the same colour… that would have been even more awesome (Yup OCD much)! By using my label writer (it really is my new best friend, it’s insane!) I made sure I can always find what I’m looking for. Or that my husband can pass me whatever I need on his own.


I kept the mini drawer and penboxes, they are just perfect for that little corner, but I cleared out an awful lot of mess I used to have in there. Still in doubt whether to use labels on there as well….

The final image of all my “decluttering” efforts makes me smile when I see it in the picture again – it’s been quite a while since I had such a neat and tidy desk and I really want to keep it that way! Should add that to my resolutions 😉

My "new" desk

Finally organised – now all I need to do is keep it this way 😀

Do you have one of these projects you’d like to share? Email me so we can arrange your post.


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