Mealplanning and recipe binder

keep-calm-and-plan-aheadEver since I was 16 I started having an interest in cooking so I started collecting recipes. Everything I came across I would collect and type out, add a scanned picture of the meal and sort in different courses. Now, 12 years later I have a huge collection of recipes but use hardly any. It was a remark from my brother-in-law that made me turn around on this. He wondered why I didn’t just keep the recipes I tried and liked. So in a moment of cleaning rage I went through all the recipes and made note of the successful recipes, tossing out what I would never make. I was left over with a A3 box full of potential recipes and about 40 keepers. But how could I make sure to limit those potentials?

On Pinterest I found more and more mostly American stay-at-home-moms who would plan their meals ahead for an entire month. Still being married without kids, our lives are too unstructured to plan for a full month ahead, but a week works fine – especially so I can make sure I get most of the groceries so hubby doesn’t have to. This brought me to the idea to combine the mealplanner with a recipe binder.

Step 1:

binder choice recipes

Choose a binder you like, for me this black one instead of this very bright yellow I used to have. The black binder is already covered with the same strip of paper as my other binders. I also took care to organise my selected recipes, typing them out all in one style.

Step 2:

planned meals overview

The meal-planner had to be in the same binder, but I wanted to be able to see both the planner and a meal at once. So I added 7 punched pockets – one for every day of the week – to hold my planned meals in.

I destroyed an old open file to take out the metal pin and holder. I taped those to the left flap of the binder with ducktape and added the printed monthly planner (I also started to use the blogplanner that goes with it, you can get them here).

binder titleStep 3:

Now all that remains is adding a title to the map on the back, and of course start planning! The idea is that before the end of 2013 I no longer have a stash of options (I really have a lot) but just a few options, and that I tried out all those lovely recipes I come across.

What about you?

Do you use a mealplanner? Do you collect recipes? Feel free to share and if you’d like to share a recipe or anything else on this blog as guest author, please contact me!


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