Blog and whatnot planner

keep-calm-and-create-bindersAfter creating my mealplanner I felt like I could up the structure some more (especially after missing my first deadline within a week of the launch!) so I decided to start working with the blogplanner I found earlier. I also found a wonderfully basic To-do planner that I am going to incorporate into this binder.

Blog planner

I had already found a wonderful blogplanner that I started to use digitally. Unfortunately that was not enough so I wanted to go back to paper. Since I am really happy with my mealplanner I decided to base my blog binder on it. I copied the proces to attach a monthly overview to the left side of the binder but the contents would be different. I started by printing a pile of blogplan pages from the website. Adding tabs keeps things organised so I have one part planning, and then one for any finances associated with the blog as well as an archive to store old plans and stats. That took care of part one of the binder.

planning overview tabs

To Do planner

First of all I measured my Post-its (they were bigger than in the original) and create the lay-out for my to do pages. After some digital moving things around I decided on a two page spread with 3 topics: organise, clear and create. To  make sure I wouldn’t miss out on anything I also added a space for random to-do’s. On the back cover I can now place all my to-do’s and select one from each category to have my focus on. Because I wanted some colour I added a piece of scrap-booking paper with the title on the cover and some slivers of the same paper to spruce up the insides.

printing sprucing it up finished


I added it to the binder to make sure I see the important things straight away, ending up with this overview when I open it up. And as with all my binders I made sure the back of the binder was matching in colour and labelled accordingly. I love it when everything matches 😀

       overview     back


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