Repurposing a vase


About two years ago I received this wonderful vase which I could never really use. I would put it on the table regardless because I loved it but I could never do anything with it beside the decorative element. Lately it was just stuck on top of the cabinet next to my desk adding to the clutter. Until today that is!

the vaseAfter so many inspirational repurposing projects I saw on Pinterest I dived at the opportunity to do some repurposing of my own… well dived… I got fed up with the darn lamp just standing there, so I just HAD to do something with it!

To create a Christmas wrath for the front door last year I found these battery-operated lights for almost naught at IKEA. So I thought I could use of them to turn my vase into an electric lamp for our hallway where we have no power sockets. I fed the wire-light through one of the bottom holes to get them all in there. luckily there is still quite a length of wire left until you get to the switch, making it ideal to create distance between the lamp and the power socket.

lights     combined

Though I still need to install a little side-table of sorts to put it on (the lamp is currently standing on our mini bin) I absolutely adore the light effect the lamp gives us! What do you think about it?



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