Triple Baking

keep-calm-and-bake-away-3When my mother-in-law’s birthday came around I hadn’t been able to get her something – I didn’t want to go for yet another cheeseboard or something like that. But I knew she was going to host a party for neighbourhood friends to celebrate her and my father-in-law’s combined 125th birthday so I offered to cater it for her. Eventually all I needed to do was take care of the sweet bites to go with the coffee instead of a piece of cake or pie. After plenty of debate I settled on brownies, cinnamon roles and apple-caramel-cupcakes.


IMG-20121215-WA0004Because I had never made brownies from scratch – I always got those store-bought mixes – I went on a quest on Pinterest to find the best recipe. Eventually I settled on the recipe I found on Tartine and Apron strings – a lovely website with many more interesting posts I will dive into often enough – with lovely pictures to go with it.

I clearly need to get myself a better camera or at least photo-editing-skills for my website to get this done!

IMG-20121215-WA0005The recipe is extremely easy, better yet, my 4 year old nephew helped me out! Because my mother-in-law wanted the sweet bites to be mini sized I decided to pour the batter into mini-cupcake moulds, which lead me to making 72+ chocolate bites with this recipe. 

I made them the day before and stored them in an airtight box but unfortunately the brownies turned into more of a chocolate bite – just as jummy but not as gooey.

Cinnamon Rolls

IMG-20121215-WA0006The second type of sweet bite was also found through the lovely vaults of Pinterest! Looking for another simple yet scrumptious little bite I stumbled upon these Mini Cinnamon Rolls by Iowa Girl Eats. Like the website above this blog is stuffed to the brim with tasty recipes and I can highly recommend a browse to find something of your fancy. This incredibly simple recipe only brought me one problem – the maple syrup. It remains tricky to find a decent form of maple syrup here in the Netherlands.

IMG-20121215-WA0008So I followed the instructions – though used the cooking instructions from the dough itself – to the letter until we got to the icing. I settled for icing sugar with a splash of milk, it didn’t colour as lovely but it tasted wonderfully. The smell was also unbelievable as the rolls came out of the oven!

I must admit I already made these a couple times more in small batches just to snack something – have found out though that regular deep-freezer puff pastry doesn’t work as well as that from the ‘exploding’ cans.

Apple-caramel cupcakes

The final sweet bite was a basic cupcake – I bought this pre-made mix from our local hobby store that also sell all sorts of things one might need for baking and crafts- but I changed it by adding three very finely sliced apples and some cinnamon. Before I put the cupcakes in the oven I added a slither of caramel. The basic amounts (500 gr of mix, 250 gr of butter and 5 eggs) together with three apples and cinnamon to taste gave enough batter for 72+ mini cupcakes.

In the rush of getting ready for the party I forgot to make separate pictures of these cup-cakes in the making, but I did catch a moment when the first guests walked in to snap one of the plates filled with the collection of sweet bites.

The Result

IMG-20121216-WA0000The party was a success, and so were the bites – though there were clearly too many! So I got to bring the rest home with me. Because I didn’t want to eat about 70 bites I decided to share them with my co-workers who loved them as well… within an hour they were all gone!

Do you have any other recipes for small bites? Or ideas for variations on my cupcakes? Feel free to contact me! Looking forward to trying out cupcakes with the actual frosting next time!


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