It’s my Birthday!

keep-calm-and-celebrate-my-b-day-15Well it was some time ago – January 5 – but I put so much work in it back then that I decided to use the pictures I made for a friend who couldn’t be present to create this series of blog posts. I would like to apologise straight away for some crappy photo work – They were taken the moment the first guests were ringing the door!

I have to admit I have gone a tad overboard on this party. I had been pinning all sorts of things I wanted to do and when I finally sent out the digital invites I could begin the planning. I wanted one of those snack tables I have seen so often so I needed several sorts. In the end I couldn’t find the time to also make the planned cupcakes and brownies (I was going to do 3 types of cupcakes and 2 sorts of brownies) and I also decided that I would have more than enough already.

blog 001When I had finally settled on what I was going to serve and bought all the necessities for my party I created signs by printing out the names of the dishes on white paper, then cutting them and pasting them to this wonderful scrapbook paper I had lying around. To make sure they could be placed among the food I then glued the sign to a tapas-stick.

The two and a half day before the party were spent making all sorts of bites and snacks. I also added some store-bought salads, olives fresh from the market, Turkish bread and I made some salmon (smoked salmon, horseradish and salad) and chicken wraps (guacamole, chicken and salad). Following a circular motion, starting at the left, you see the jalapeño poppers, followed by the marshmallow pops and the bacon twirls (just puff pastry with bacon from the oven). Below them you see the lovely olives together with  the peppadews filled with cream cheese. And finally  a cheese puff to finish it off.

partyI used the buffet end of the kitchen and placed a cloth over it. I used a cardboard ring and two candle holders to create the levels and then just started placing all the dishes. The end result was a lovely full “table” with all the snacks I worked hard on. I am so pleased that everyone loved the snacks.

blog 035


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