Jalapeño Poppers

1As promised in my recent party post, I’m going to share my version of the jalapeño popper! Beforehand I had tried out some versions I had come across to see what I should serve at the party and with some help of hubby we tweaked the recipe to be just right.

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Together with the bacon-twirls they were the hit of the buffet! I’m already looking forward to the next party so I can make (and eat) more of these jummie treats! I do hope you find them just as delicious.

First of all, what do you need for these bites?

  • bacon – you can use pre-baked ones or make some yourself by baking them to a crisp and them chopping them up to very small bits.
  • cream cheese with garlic – as long as it is spreadable you could use any cream cheese you fancy.
  • puff pastry – make sure to get the fridge not freezer version.
  • jalapeño – fresh is also a possibility.
  • milk

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So I chose to bake the bacon myself, drain the excess fat while baking but also letting the bits dry on a piece of kitchen-towel before chopping it into small chunks. Obviously making sure they tasted all right at every step 😉  I’m sure I am not the only bacon lover here!

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Then I took the precut jalapeños which I cut some more to match the size of the bacon bits before tossing both bacon and jalapeños in a bowl with the cream cheese. I made the mixture the night before which caused the jalapeño-juices to really take hold and increase the spiciness.

blog 026

I spread out the puff-pastry and cut out circles with my cookie cutter and proceeded to place a dollop of the mixture in the middle. Folding them into half moons I brushed them with a bit of milk before putting them on the baking paper and sliding them into a preheated oven of 180 degrees Celsius (+/- 350 degrees F).

blog 040

After about 15 minutes a heavenly scent was noticeable in the entire living area and not too long after that (I just kept checking the colour of the bites instead of the clock) I was able to take out the first batch of wonderful poppers.

The open bites you see here are a later batch that were made in a bigger hurry (so not as carefully closed as the first) but the taste did not differ from the closed ones.

Even a couple of weeks after the party people still remarked how much they loved these bites – a definite instant classic!


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