Marshmallow Pops


After spotting these lovely marshmallow pops on Pinterest I added them to my party-do list and when it was time for my birthday I finally got round to making them – with a bit of help from hubby and my friends (thanks once again hubby, V and  T!). At the party they were gone in a flash – everyone loved them. Better yet, I didn’t even get the chance to taste one myself!

The process is quite simple really. Full instructions can be found in the link to Mommy Gaga mentioned before. To compare what should have happened and what did I think my marshmallows weren’t cold enough to dry the chocolate quickly because it kept dripping. I used white chocolate and added food colouring – I wanted it to be pink but when that started to fail I settled on this caramel colour.

We decorated them with white heart sprinkles and pink mini pearls. To make sure they cooled so the chocolate could harden, I put the pops in our hallway where it is always much colder than in the rest of the house. At the party they were served standing in a vase with the labels I made.

marshmallow pops

It was a lot of fun to make these, but I would have loved for them to turn out somewhat less messy – I know, OCD much ;). Have you ever made your own marshmallow pops? Want to share how you decorated them, because I would love to know!


5 thoughts on “Marshmallow Pops

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  2. I have made these before too. I havent blogged sbout them yet, but they are messy. Instead of food coloring I use the color wilton chocolate discs. They still will drip a bit, but I gently tap the stick on an edge of a bowl to help with that and i put them in the fridge to set chocolate.

    • Thanks Shari!
      Since I still have some marshmallows left I was planning to make some for a birthday gift – so I will check out the other chocolate! Thanks for the tip. Setting them in the fridge could do the trick as well!

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