Upgrade the kitchen – part 1

keep-calm-and-visit-ikea-1It has been one hell of a week and I am so glad you guys were patient enough to wait till now to get my next post. After the stressful week at work I got to relax in one of my favourite ways which is not bubbling in a spa or lying around all day. No, my dad took me to IKEA šŸ˜€Ā I know loads of people think going to IKEA is a stressful experience but for me, walking around there is opening up my mind for inspiration. I just love IKEA – our home is proof enough of that – and really enjoy going there.Ā This weekend my dad and I went with a couple of possible projects in mind – two of which we actually got round to work on. Today’s post is all about project 1: The cabinet under the sink!


When hubby and I moved into theĀ apartmentĀ we had to do everything! There was no kitchen to speak of and the bathroom was still the original one from 1972. A lot of planning before hand-made it possible to do everything in a bit over 2 weeks, all because my dad helped us out tremendously! Anyways, I designed the kitchen and we bought it at IKEA. We really love our kitchen and I still think it looks wonderful, there has always just been that one major thing that annoyed me: the cabinet under the sink. Somehow it was always a mess and I could barely store a thing under there.


After walking up and down the kitchen department I finally settled on converting the entire cabinet into drawers. So when I got home on Sunday – Dad was once again awesome enough to drop us off with all our purchases – I immediately went to work and cleared out the cabinet, cleaned it thoroughly and started working on the drawers.


About 2 hrs and 100 screws later I had both drawers in place, including the drawer front. I sorted my items and tossed whatever I didn’t use, putting the rest in its place. Unfortunately the bin we had did not fit, so I need to find a solution for that, and I still need to put in the fake drawer front to hide the sink as well as put a handle on the drawer. But, progress was made, and when we’re completely done I will obviously give you the full picture. For now here is the “still in progress” picture!

Mini-project 2 will beĀ on-lineĀ on Wednesday, so hope to see you then!


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