Spring cleaning?


Last week it seemed spring had finally arrived, the sun was out, birds flying and coats were left on their hangers come break time… it was just a tad too early for the first skirt-day of the year, but it was getting there! And as every year that first day of spring is all it takes to get into spring cleaning mood! So the ideas started to flow and I settled on a couple of projects to take care of this time around. The first step was taken last weekend, but now the weather has turned – it was -6 degrees C (21 F) last night – it seems I have lost the buzz! What to do?

I like change, somehow keeping things exactly the same for too long sort of freaks me out. The same goes for our apartment! When we moved in we did everything from kitchen to bathroom. Every year I feel like changing a little something though. Last spring I changed our wardrobe from student-trash to YUP-chique – or so I make myself believe.  Anyways, with the sudden drop back into winter I have lost my swing. I still know what areas to “attack” come spring but the inspiration has left me. So I was basically hoping you guys could help me out!

Let me take you on the to-do-tour !


A constant thorn in my eye has been the balcony. After we moved here the only thing we ever did was put this rickety table set on it and added a wooden cabinet (it’s behind me when making the picture) and over the years it has been collecting all sorts of things – you can see the broken shopping cart, behind that are 2 planters we haven’t used in ages. Last week we already cleaned out the cabinet but the rest is yet to spruce up. But what to do and how to do it!


The second part is twofold and has been in the back of my mind since I made my vase-lamp. I would love to make the small hallway a personal museum and I would like a little something to set the lamp on as well as store the scarves and gloves that are now in the entryway.  And yes, the bookcase there is moving shortly!


Finally there is my make-up corner. When we got the wardrobe I wanted a place to have all my jewellery, beauty- and hair-products. but somehow it ends up a mess every time I turn my back. I should really check the house for leprechauns! They might be working together with the sock-stealing midgets! All joking aside, how do I turn this mess into a boudoir style make-up table without access to electricity…

So… there they are: my problem zones… ANY suggestion is more than welcome, leave them below!  And hopefully I can share the new and improved areas shortly after father winter has definitely left our area!


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