Sugarrush needed!

keep-calm-and-eat-sweet-522Just a quick snack for breakfast was all I wanted… and a sweet one was all I needed. After browsing Pinterest this morning I had come across several wonderful sweet things and it had given me the intense urge for something sweet. So into the “pantry” I went to see what we had left.

First thing I stumbled upon were these mini-marshmallows I usually throw in my hot chocolate. Next to it on the shelf was the hagelslag (a typically Dutch product used on sandwiches, it’s basically the literal translation: chocolate hail) which made me jump into smøre mode. Luckily there was some freezer puff pastry left!

Since I am also trying to limit my intake and have a 250 kcal max for breakfast I minimized the hagelslag and marshmallows, and looking at it I think there was more than enough on there. I folded the edges of the pastry (and forgot to pierce the bottom), put on the hagelslag and marshmallows and tossed it into the oven. About 10 minutes later I took it out and obviously the bottom was all bloated. Oddly enough the chocolate hadn’t melted but the marshmallows were well done (remind me to turn the stove a bit lower next time).


After a mandatory cool down since I don’t want to burn my tongue I sat down and started to enjoy this sweetness – it was already very good and it has potential to become a very good sweet bite after a bit more tweaking. Any suggestions? Do not hesitate to let me know!


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