Relaxing on Sunday

keep-calm-and-bake-on-sundayAfter a stressful couple of weeks I seem to have returned to the normal speed of life this weekend. After meeting my brother’s new dog, strolling over the market and celebrating my mom’s birthday yesterday, I woke up this morning with the urge to bake once again, so I decided to make some variations on my cinnamon rolls to take with me to my meeting tomorrow. There is something soothing in baking on Sundays and I hope to do so a lot more often!

For my mother-in-law’s birthday party I made these cinnamon rolls that everyone loved, but I wondered if variations were possible. So I just went ahead and tried!

The process is the same, I took out the puff pastry, in this case divided it into four strips to make four different flavoured rolls. I buttered one side of the pastry and then added whatever filling I had. The first one is the classic (brown sugar and cinnamon), then I made one with chocolate chips, another with raspberries and finally one with coconut and dried apricot.

002 003 004 008 007 006

So here you see the four flavours sitting in the tin to go into the oven, and next to that the final result after about 8-10 minutes at 200°C (about 390ºF).

      009        013

Me and hubby being who we are we immediately tried some out. Though everything turned out well we both agreed that the classic and the chocolate chip were the best – they had this lovely moistness that you look for in a roll as far as I know. What do you feel qualifies as a good roll? Any great ideas for new test runs?

I am now going to kick back and enjoy the rest of my Sunday – I hope you do the same!


3 thoughts on “Relaxing on Sunday

    • I had a friend taste them as well and she loved the raspberry! And when I tried one without having had a chocolate chip or cinnamon one first (or after) I must say the flavour improved.
      So maybe it was just not as much what I expected. I like my rolls a bit sweeter I think.

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