My Little Pony and Miss Piggy?

keep-calm-and-don-t-say-a-word-7Winter is doing some sort of tug-of-war with Spring to just hold on a tad longer. One day it’s snowing, the next the sun is shining brightly, to turn to below freezing temperatures in the daytime for this weekend. My body is clearly responding to it – after a couple of days with just a sore throat and some coughing, I woke up this morning as a My little Pony: a little hoarse… *sorry couldn’t steer away from that pun* Unfortunately, after teaching I have come home without a voice all together. Luckily I have my wonderful Miss Piggies sitting on the table!

When I got married I had my sister-in-law make my bouquet and I obviously got to choose the flowers. We ended up going for roses – though I had always expected it to be Gerberas. The roses that convinced me to step away from my favourite flowers had to be special though, and while having Miss Piggy at your wedding is special, the roses that were honoured with her name are even more special! The pink roses have a soft orange core – which was a link to my parent’s bouquet – and they are so full and soft. They’re those flowers that do not need any green to support them, just the flower will do.

005I tried to find them again at different flower stalls and stores, but my luck seemed to be reserved for my wedding only. Luckily I went to the market in my parent’s town and lo and behold: Miss Piggies were available once again! After a small victory dance I ordered a bit bushel to bring home with me.

Coming home to a vase full of these wonderful flowers does lift your spirit and with a big pot of tea by my side I hope to survive the weekend without speaking too much. I think I could just browse for some lovely craft or baking ideas – that always goes down well. Any tips? Feel free to post them below.

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