Easter baking

keep-calm-and-celebrate-easter-birthdaysEven though it is Easter, this weekend is mostly dedicated to three birthdays. My Mom’s birthday was March 16, my Dad’s was yesterday and both celebrate it today. Tomorrow we celebrate my hubby’s gran’s birthday which she had the day before yesterday. This Sunday the entire family is coming over to my in-laws to celebrate her birthday as we did last year – it was sunny and warm back then, unlike the winter-like weather now. It being Easter and all I decided to try out a wonderful looking cake I found via Pinterest made by The Partiologist. You’ll have to wait a tad longer for the results of the cake, since I’d rather wait till tomorrow to cut the cake, but I will tell you what I did with the leftovers!

004After making the first cake you cut out the carrot shapes to go into the chocolate batter for the final cake, but you are left with quite some cake. On The Partiologist, she turned the leftovers into carrot-shaped cake-pops. But since my first cake didn’t turn out as orange as I hoped, and because I don’t have such a wonderful cookie-cutter, I had nice triangle-shaped cake pieces waiting to be used. So while the “Carrot”cake is going in for round number two I worked on these cakebites as well as on the bacontwirls – per request of Mom – that I served at my birthdayparty.

009The Bacontwirls are the easiest treats there are and they are loved by all as far as I know – veggies and vegans excluded obviously! All you do is cut the puff-pastry squares in strips as broad as your bacon, you place the bacon on it and pierce it on a skewer. Toss them in the oven for about 20 minutes (depends on your puff pastry) and done! They taste yummy whether you eat them hot or cold! Just looking at them on my screen now makes me drool!

006Just breaking up the baking with a lovely lunch: Toasted bread with a dash of mayonnaise, half an avocado, some fresh ground pepper, a squirt of lemon juice and topped off with some crispy bacon! Delish!! Simple and clean eating – I love it! Don’t you?

008Back to business, decorating these cake triangles. I decided to take an easy approach by using store-bought icing to top off the pieces. Then I took out the spring and Easter themed sprinkles and went nuts 😀 They look quite festive now – more like confetti sprinkled. It’s all about the taste anyways, I should just get working on my cake decorating skills :s

007The “Carrot cake is out and it looks absolutely delicious from the top, which will unfortunately end up as the bottom. I am only showing you the half-finished project since I have decided to not decorate it until tomorrow to make sure I do not damage it while we travel to our parents’ place. So wait and see!


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