“Carrot”-cake promise

keep-calm-and-double-bakeJust before Easter I felt like baking and I showed you the start of my not so carrot-cake carrot cake. And since I promised to show you the end result, I just have to do so ūüėÄ


I ended up covering the cake in melted dark chocolate made slightly liquid with some cream. I then spread nut-sprinkles over it to simulate the garden and let it rest so the chocolate ganache would set… unfortunately the bunnies already ate the greenery *ugh ugh* when I got the camera out, so this is what you get! Even without it looks quite neat I must admit, don’t you think?


After hearing many positive responses from the family¬†members who tried the cake I couldn’t resist and broke my fast – didn’t have a single chocolate egg all of Easter – for a thin slice of this chocolate and vanilla, chocolate ganache cake… And I was very glad I did so. It was one mighty cake but oh so very chocolaty¬†and delicious.

I am definitely going to make this again and will try to do so with different structures – already thought of a cube cake (adding strips of cake to create a blocking effect!).

I hope you all had a great Easter! Now bring on spring ūüėÄ


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