0Since I am preparing for my own Freezer to Crockpot Challenge (more about that later!) I needed to empty as much of my freezer as possible – so I found a way to get my frozen fruits out of the way into something healthy – no sugar or sweeteners added – and yummy.

I tend to have some frozen fruit in the freezer at all times, to use in my yoghurt with breakfast, for easy and quick smoothies or as part of some baking experiments. But since I haven’t got anything planned, and I really needed the space I decided to figure something out to get all of it out of the way in one go.

The weather had been good all day so spring was on my mind and I thought how great it would be if the temperature would start to rise again, and my mind – very much ADHD-like – jumped from warm to summer to skirts to ice-cream. And there I had my idea. Why not turn the fruit into popsicles?

1I started with the mango chunks, tossing the pieces in a saucepan to make them soft. I added a bit of yoghurt to the pan while I attacked them with the hand-blender. First layer was quickly transferred to the plastic cups and a quick rinse of the pan later it was time for part two.

2The blueberries were a bit easier to tackle, they became mushy quite quickly so I left out the yoghurt. Again a blitz was all it took to create a reasonably smooth consistency. Because the blueberries didn’t need to get as hot I could pour them over layer one straight away. I added the spoons in the cup and held them in place with some clothespins.

3Number three – the most used frozen fruit in our household – were the raspberries. As you can see they were well frozen, so it took a bit longer, but eventually they needed just a short blitz to create a jam-like structure. The final layer went in and dear hubby helped out by keeping the spoons up straight. A more thorough rinse of the pan and blender were needed this time, but I was done!


Unfortunately, when put in the freezer, some spoons became rebellious and sagged sideways… Luckily the position of the spoon can in no way effect the flavour of the ice-cream, otherwise I would have to speak to them in severe tones. After dinner that day hubby kept asking me if I thought they would be ready – but to be on the safe side I asked him to wait till today.

6So not to long ago, after our lovely pasta meal, we had a fruitsicle. I love how the colours turned out! It was nice and fresh, not as sweet as normal popsicles and as hubby said “it’s like snacking without the guilt”.

So yes, come summer I will experiment with some more healthy popsicles. If you have any suggestions for good fruits to use here, please let me know! I’d love some input there.



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