Welcoming Baby Q

keep-calm-and-meet-baby-qMy dear friend B had her baby about a month ago and me and hubby finally could go and see this little miracle for ourselves. A perfect moment to try something a bit more creative than store bought wrappers. It was great seeing my friend again and the wonderful girl she had with her for so long was all smiles while we were there. I really do look forward to seeing them again sometime.

20130410_204824I found these lovely rompers (one in pink and white polka-dot, the other in black and white) and two pair of socks (soft and hard pink). The Piglet box you see is just because I loved the packaging especially for B since she loves Disney and Eeyore is her favourite! apparently they are strawberry-filled cookies, I found them at the toko. I also found these pink cupcake boxes at my local craft-store.

cupcakes1. To make these cloth cupcakes you just take the romper and fold it, first in three and then in two again – all lengthwise.

2. You place the socks in there and roll it, trying to get the shape of a cupcake. You could secure with tape or a safety-pin, but I just used a rubber band.

3. And together with a gift card I packed them into the cupcake boxes. It really is as simple as 1-2-3!

GiftTo keep the two cupcake boxes together I used this black polka-dot washitape. I just wrapped the cookiebox with silver and grey foil, put on some gift wrapping ribbons and the gift was done! My gift for B and her husband but mostly for baby Q!

With a couple more babies on the way around me, do you have any other great suggestions to bring along when greeting the baby? I know there will be at least one boy coming in the near future, so blue is also great 😀


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