Chili with Beans & Cheesy Ravioli Bake

keep-calm-eat-chili-pastaBefore the weekend I told you all about the start of my crockpot challenge. That first dish (the Balsamic Glazed Drumsticks) lasted us for 2 big meals which took us into the weekend. In today’s post the two recipes I’ve made since Sunday. All the instructions and ingredients can be found on the original sources which you can find by clicking the titles.

Second Dish: Chili with Beans

20130414_175007Again a dish found on Who Needs a Capewhich I raved about in the previous post as well. These ladies know their crockpot meals! Being from the Old Country, as they say, did provide me with a problem that I expect to have more often with American recipes: the limited access to some typical ingredients found in these recipes. I followed the recipe but altered some ingredients (one can of red kidney beans was replaced by a can of corn and I added the chilies separately) which didn’t alter the process.


I ended up with a huge pot of chili, which I served over Basmati rice (my fave!) and topped with grated cheese and sour cream (as suggested by the moms from Who needs a Cape). At the end of our meal we still had an awful lot of chili left – clearly appetites are bigger in the States – so instead of eating it for four days in a row we bagged up the delicious remainders in one person portions to save for days we had to dine alone.

Third Dish: Cheesy Ravioli Bake

This was the easiest recipe available in the batch of my crockpot dishes and the first in the challenge to be taken care of by the hubby. He limited the amount of cheese and added some more pastasauce because the pot was getting a bit dry. About half an hour before the end he stirred in an Italian vegetable mix – I love one pan dishes and so does he!


The page does not clearly state how many servings this portion should hold, but we ate from the pot with 3 adults and I’d say there is enough to serve lunch for two with the remainder. The pasta was well done and moist, and the added sauce was a good call! With the reduced amount of cheese I must admit it didn’t ring as cheesy but that didn’t matter much I can tell you!

More recipes are to follow! If you have suggestions for recipes for my second challenge, let me know!


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