Crockpot dish nr 5: Cool Ranch Chicken

keep-calm-and-find-ranch-dressingI must admit I am loving my crockpot more and more each time I use it, and the hubby is not far behind in appreciation. As I mentioned earlier the only problem sometimes is finding the right ingredients for the mostly American style of cooking. A good example is today’s dish: Cool Ranch Chicken by Family Fresh Meals (wonderful source of inspiration!). I was afraid it would have to turn into taco-seasoning chicken because Ranch dressing is hard to come by over here, not to mention the Ranch dressing mix!

Last Monday however I went to Amsterdam for a show (and the wonderful springrolls @ Harkema) and had some time to pop into a one of a kind shop in the Netherlands. It’s a tiny shop filled to the brim with British and American products one can hardly find elsewhere here, with the obvious downside that everything is imported a.k.a. expensive as hell. But to my big surprise, hidden behind some bottles of maple syrup, the shopkeeper had 3 packets of Ranch Dressing mix! I bought one (they were really expensive and I wanted to see if the dish was a success before stocking up on something I did not like) and merrily bounced out of the shop feeling as if I had just conquered the world.

20130420_182724Dish Five: Cool Ranch Chicken

I had already tossed the chicken (about 1 1/2 lbs), 1  packet of taco mix and 14 ounces of chicken broth in a freezer bag together so when it was time to turn on the crockpot all I had to do was add the Ranch mix. The hubby peeked a few times while I was out and noticed the chicken looked covered in more of a goo at first but come the five-hour point the pot was filled with moisture. He was worried it might become more of a soup, but in the end, after the shredding, the moisture mixed well with the chicken and he was almost drooling over the pot!

I served the chicken on a whole-wheat tortilla wrap with sour cream, a bit of grated cheese and some lettuce. The chicken was SO incredibly moist and the flavours were well-balanced. I must admit I was very glad we didn’t eat the whole batch in one go (it really does serve 4-6 by the way) because now I can have some for lunch!

This recipe is definitely going in the family recipe vault and I should get my ass back to that shop to buy some more packets of Ranch mix!

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