Mac and Cheese Mishap

Mac and Cheese Mishap

Doesn’t this look wonderfully cheesy? The colour palette is radiant with the yellow, pink and green, it makes my taste-buds pull out the balloons and garlands in anticipation of a party in my mouth! My effort to recreate Today’s Creative Blog’s Mac and Cheese looks absolutely delicious, but that is about as positive I can be.

Let me be clear, nothing can be blamed on the original recipe. I messed up! Big time! The added ham and peas are not the problem, they were actually a very good addition, nor was the pasta used the reason of my unhappiness. The problem was my misinterpretation of an ingredient. The recipe calls for evaporated (or condensed) milk which I used. But not until licking the spoon after all ingredients were in I noticed I had bought the wrong version – can you guess?

Yes, idiot me ruined the dish by using sweetened condensed milk. After I noticed my mistake I hoped with every part of my body that the cheese would actually cover this up – silly silly me – but when the hubby tried the dish to check if the pasta was done my worst case scenario came through: it was sweet mac and cheese. And not in a good way!

The hubby was a hero though, he said it was still edible, so he served us both a portion. I think he even ate half of it before giving up! I however gave up after 3 spoons full and made myself a fried egg with bacon to fill me up. I do want to try the dish again because I would love a decent Crockpot Mac and Cheese!


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