Food and Forgetfulness

Food and Forgetfulness

The Crockpot challenge is still going and in the past couple of days I enjoyed two dishes. Only problem was I forgot to make pictures of one of these dishes (twice!) which is a real shame because it is an absolute winner! First of all we had Teriyaki Chicken, secondly Sausage with Peppers – both dishes were done according to the recipes of Ring around the rosies, who has inspired some more of my recipes.
Above you can see the slightly moved image (sorry!) of Teriyaki Chicken. The dish was tasty enough but it lacked a certain bite. The pineapple and carrot combined really well with the teriyaki sauce and well… chicken goes with everything, don’t you think?
The Sausages and Peppers however is an amazing dish! I am definitely going to make it again some day soon and will tell you all about it then!

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