Bye Bye Queen! Welcome King!

Bye Bye Queen! Welcome King!

Tomorrow (April 30) our beloved Queen Beatrix is abdicating from the throne, letting her son Willem Alexander become our King. Every year we have celebrated Queen’s Day and this will be the last Q-day for some time – next year we will have King’s Day a couple of days earlier – so I want to make this one count!
I bought myself “royal” lemonade: the King is orange flavoured (our national colour) and the Queen is strawberry-flavoured (in Dutch we call them summer kings). With the groceries I also got a special edition “wup” which was a promotion stunt with the World Championship Football. And as is traditional in my family, I am going to spend most of the day on a huge rummage sale.
To look all fancy for the day I did my nails up in the national colour (Catrice 560 Rusty but sexy) as well as our flag (Oriflame True Red, Etos pencil, Mavala 130 Aqua Blue) as an accent. All I need now is my orange hairclip and a bit of sunshine and I am good to go.
Have a good one this year!

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