@ Steak & Co, London

@ Steak & Co, London

First night in London (May 4) brought us to one of the Steak & Co restaurants. Even though they had ribs on the menu I opted for a Caesar salad – though I arranged to get a single rib from one of my fellow travellers đŸ˜€ And what a salad it was!
The royal serving of perfectly grilled and seasoned chicken-strips was still in balance with the Roman lettuce, fresh croutons, sardines and dressing. It is very easy to lose the balance in such a simple dish – the lettuce could be drowned in dressing, there could be too little chicken, or too much. What also was very pleasant about the chicken was the way in which it was grilled – you got the grill flavour but it didn’t get too heavy.
I do not have a picture of the ribs unfortunately but if you ever have the chance to order the Chipotle ribs at a Steak & Co restaurant I can highly advice it! The one rib I had, had the meat falling off of it as I looked at it, the sauce it was marinated in had a nice spiciness to it without the burn and the meat was mouthwateringly tender.


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