Why this blog?

Budapest aug 2012

Budapest Aug 2012

Happily married (28 October 2011) and in a very satisfying job I sat down at the end of 2012 to look at my life gone by and looking forward to what direction I wanted to go. I realised then that for a few years I had this nagging feeling that something more was needed.

As an English teacher at a University of Applied Science I get to work with very creative young people which has clarified a few things for me: I needed to let my creativity come out somehow. And with discovering Pinterest I saw more and more inspirational ideas for things I could and wanted to do.

Now, at the age of 29, I decided I am going to use this blog as my platform for my creative outbursts but also to show you other creative bloggers.

My name is Jenny!

Just one piece of advice:

Keep Calm and Create!

If you want to contact me about this blog, because you have questions or suggestions, or because you’d like to blog on this post too, please use Twitter or email me directly! And feel free to follow me on Pinterest (Keep Calm and Create)

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