Sending a ‘get well soon’-card

Sending a 'get well soon'-card

When people are ill you might send them a text message, an email or a Facebook message – but as far as bringing across a message I still love the simplicity of a card sent to your home address. After browsing for inspiration on Pinterest I found two ideas I liked. First there is the decorated envelope and secondly the very adorable use of band-aids on a card. So I took out a piece of scrap booking paper, two band-aids, an envelope and some decorating pens and went to town. I must say I am quite pleased with the lettering on the envelope and the card turned out quite cute if I say so myself.


Food and Forgetfulness

Food and Forgetfulness

The Crockpot challenge is still going and in the past couple of days I enjoyed two dishes. Only problem was I forgot to make pictures of one of these dishes (twice!) which is a real shame because it is an absolute winner! First of all we had Teriyaki Chicken, secondly Sausage with Peppers – both dishes were done according to the recipes of Ring around the rosies, who has inspired some more of my recipes.
Above you can see the slightly moved image (sorry!) of Teriyaki Chicken. The dish was tasty enough but it lacked a certain bite. The pineapple and carrot combined really well with the teriyaki sauce and well… chicken goes with everything, don’t you think?
The Sausages and Peppers however is an amazing dish! I am definitely going to make it again some day soon and will tell you all about it then!

Cookie Dough Dessert?

20130420_202109Pinterest is my number two boredom killer – hubby being number one. I love Pinterest but it can also lead to procrastination, so I set myself a challenge. It is nice to just keep pinning and liking for your imaginary life that will happen when you hit the jackpot, but why wait?

I decided that I should try more of what I like and pin on Pinterest so I can call a night of pinning a useful exercise. The crockpot challenge is already part of this, but I should crank it up. And so I did!

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Crockpot dish nr 5: Cool Ranch Chicken

keep-calm-and-find-ranch-dressingI must admit I am loving my crockpot more and more each time I use it, and the hubby is not far behind in appreciation. As I mentioned earlier the only problem sometimes is finding the right ingredients for the mostly American style of cooking. A good example is today’s dish: Cool Ranch Chicken by Family Fresh Meals (wonderful source of inspiration!). I was afraid it would have to turn into taco-seasoning chicken because Ranch dressing is hard to come by over here, not to mention the Ranch dressing mix!

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Veggie left over soup

Veggie left over soup

Lunchtime at our place in the weekend usually means I feel like making something more than a sandwich. This time I took all the left over veggies lying around the kitchen (zucchini, leek, sweet bellpepper and red bellpepper) chopped them up, stirfried them, added vegetable stock and some flour to make this easy peasy soup. Just a spoon of sour cream, a dash of pepper and some chives and a bit of olive oil and lunchtime could commence!

What are you having today?


I am currently minding my calorie intake and I found out that this cup of soup filled me up for a mere 130 kcal! So not just healthy but diet proof too!

Feeling a change

I was looking at my blog just now and I feel I need a bit of a change in looks… a makeover as you will. Since WordPress offers so many options I had a look through the most recent additions to the themes and found one I like – what do you guys think?

  • Switch or stay?
  • Use the Keep Calm posters with every post or use them as a themed post?

Let me know below!




Chili with Beans & Cheesy Ravioli Bake

keep-calm-eat-chili-pastaBefore the weekend I told you all about the start of my crockpot challenge. That first dish (the Balsamic Glazed Drumsticks) lasted us for 2 big meals which took us into the weekend. In today’s post the two recipes I’ve made since Sunday. All the instructions and ingredients can be found on the original sources which you can find by clicking the titles.

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