0Since I am preparing for my own Freezer to Crockpot Challenge (more about that later!) I needed to empty as much of my freezer as possible – so I found a way to get my frozen fruits out of the way into something healthy – no sugar or sweeteners added – and yummy.

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Easter baking

keep-calm-and-celebrate-easter-birthdaysEven though it is Easter, this weekend is mostly dedicated to three birthdays. My Mom’s birthday was March 16, my Dad’s was yesterday and both celebrate it today. Tomorrow we celebrate my hubby’s gran’s birthday which she had the day before yesterday. This Sunday the entire family is coming over to my in-laws to celebrate her birthday as we did last year – it was sunny and warm back then, unlike the winter-like weather now. It being Easter and all I decided to try out a wonderful looking cake I found via Pinterest made by The Partiologist. You’ll have to wait a tad longer for the results of the cake, since I’d rather wait till tomorrow to cut the cake, but I will tell you what I did with the leftovers!

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Relaxing on Sunday

keep-calm-and-bake-on-sundayAfter a stressful couple of weeks I seem to have returned to the normal speed of life this weekend. After meeting my brother’s new dog, strolling over the market and celebrating my mom’s birthday yesterday, I woke up this morning with the urge to bake once again, so I decided to make some variations on my cinnamon rolls to take with me to my meeting tomorrow. There is something soothing in baking on Sundays and I hope to do so a lot more often!

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Marshmallow Pops


After spotting these lovely marshmallow pops on Pinterest I added them to my party-do list and when it was time for my birthday I finally got round to making them – with a bit of help from hubby and my friends (thanks once again hubby, V and  T!). At the party they were gone in a flash – everyone loved them. Better yet, I didn’t even get the chance to taste one myself!

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Jalapeño Poppers

1As promised in my recent party post, I’m going to share my version of the jalapeño popper! Beforehand I had tried out some versions I had come across to see what I should serve at the party and with some help of hubby we tweaked the recipe to be just right.

blog 008

Together with the bacon-twirls they were the hit of the buffet! I’m already looking forward to the next party so I can make (and eat) more of these jummie treats! I do hope you find them just as delicious.

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It’s my Birthday!

keep-calm-and-celebrate-my-b-day-15Well it was some time ago – January 5 – but I put so much work in it back then that I decided to use the pictures I made for a friend who couldn’t be present to create this series of blog posts. I would like to apologise straight away for some crappy photo work – They were taken the moment the first guests were ringing the door!

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Triple Baking

keep-calm-and-bake-away-3When my mother-in-law’s birthday came around I hadn’t been able to get her something – I didn’t want to go for yet another cheeseboard or something like that. But I knew she was going to host a party for neighbourhood friends to celebrate her and my father-in-law’s combined 125th birthday so I offered to cater it for her. Eventually all I needed to do was take care of the sweet bites to go with the coffee instead of a piece of cake or pie. After plenty of debate I settled on brownies, cinnamon roles and apple-caramel-cupcakes.

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