Sending a ‘get well soon’-card

Sending a 'get well soon'-card

When people are ill you might send them a text message, an email or a Facebook message – but as far as bringing across a message I still love the simplicity of a card sent to your home address. After browsing for inspiration on Pinterest I found two ideas I liked. First there is the decorated envelope and secondly the very adorable use of band-aids on a card. So I took out a piece of scrap booking paper, two band-aids, an envelope and some decorating pens and went to town. I must say I am quite pleased with the lettering on the envelope and the card turned out quite cute if I say so myself.

Welcoming Baby Q

keep-calm-and-meet-baby-qMy dear friend B had her baby about a month ago and me and hubby finally could go and see this little miracle for ourselves. A perfect moment to try something a bit more creative than store bought wrappers. It was great seeing my friend again and the wonderful girl she had with her for so long was all smiles while we were there. I really do look forward to seeing them again sometime.

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Elephants with weaves?


When birthdays or special occasions come around it always feels like forever before I can find the right gift. And while it should be very satisfying to bring home that gift, I usually feel less happy when it comes in those store-wrappings that hardly ever look pretty or inviting. So since a few months I’ve started to wrap my own gifts and I try to do so by adding a hint of personality to it – linked to the receiver of the gift or to me. I’d like to share two of my recent ones with you.

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