Crockpot dish nr 5: Cool Ranch Chicken

keep-calm-and-find-ranch-dressingI must admit I am loving my crockpot more and more each time I use it, and the hubby is not far behind in appreciation. As I mentioned earlier the only problem sometimes is finding the right ingredients for the mostly American style of cooking. A good example is today’s dish: Cool Ranch Chicken by Family Fresh Meals (wonderful source of inspiration!). I was afraid it would have to turn into taco-seasoning chicken because Ranch dressing is hard to come by over here, not to mention the Ranch dressing mix!

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All you can eat?

keep-calm-and-eat-all-you-can-10Last Monday I went to an all-you-can-eat sushi place close to my parents but forgot to bring my camera (and that is always combined with me not having charged my phone somehow…) to show you all the yumminess I ate there. Somehow I got lucky this week because on Friday my parents took us to a new concept restaurant that I would like to share with you. And while hubby and my dad were at the Fawlty Towers Dining Experience, my mom, my brother with his wife and myself went to the restaurant.

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Relaxing on Sunday

keep-calm-and-bake-on-sundayAfter a stressful couple of weeks I seem to have returned to the normal speed of life this weekend. After meeting my brother’s new dog, strolling over the market and celebrating my mom’s birthday yesterday, I woke up this morning with the urge to bake once again, so I decided to make some variations on my cinnamon rolls to take with me to my meeting tomorrow. There is something soothing in baking on Sundays and I hope to do so a lot more often!

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Marshmallow Pops


After spotting these lovely marshmallow pops on Pinterest I added them to my party-do list and when it was time for my birthday I finally got round to making them – with a bit of help from hubby and my friends (thanks once again hubby, V and  T!). At the party they were gone in a flash – everyone loved them. Better yet, I didn’t even get the chance to taste one myself!

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It’s my Birthday!

keep-calm-and-celebrate-my-b-day-15Well it was some time ago – January 5 – but I put so much work in it back then that I decided to use the pictures I made for a friend who couldn’t be present to create this series of blog posts. I would like to apologise straight away for some crappy photo work – They were taken the moment the first guests were ringing the door!

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Eggs in the oven


For a recent party I wanted to make a large bowl of egg-salad, and since I had to make a reasonably large batch I thought I could finally try out something I saw on Pinterest: making “hard-boiled” eggs in the oven by The Burlap Bag. As always I was eager to try because it really sounded like an easier way to get the eggs done! So with high hopes I placed 10 lovely (and slightly decorated) eggs in my mini-muffin tray ready to go into the oven.

blog 009

I stuffed them in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes – in the meantime working on the many other snacks for the party (which you can read about next week). Below you can see how these eggs turned out.

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Triple Baking

keep-calm-and-bake-away-3When my mother-in-law’s birthday came around I hadn’t been able to get her something – I didn’t want to go for yet another cheeseboard or something like that. But I knew she was going to host a party for neighbourhood friends to celebrate her and my father-in-law’s combined 125th birthday so I offered to cater it for her. Eventually all I needed to do was take care of the sweet bites to go with the coffee instead of a piece of cake or pie. After plenty of debate I settled on brownies, cinnamon roles and apple-caramel-cupcakes.

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