Spring cleaning?


Last week it seemed spring had finally arrived, the sun was out, birds flying and coats were left on their hangers come break time… it was just a tad too early for the first skirt-day of the year, but it was getting there! And as every year that first day of spring is all it takes to get into spring cleaning mood! So the ideas started to flow and I settled on a couple of projects to take care of this time around. The first step was taken last weekend, but now the weather has turned – it was -6 degrees C (21 F) last night – it seems I have lost the buzz! What to do?

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Repurposing a vase


About two years ago I received this wonderful vase which I could never really use. I would put it on the table regardless because I loved it but I could never do anything with it beside the decorative element. Lately it was just stuck on top of the cabinet next to my desk adding to the clutter. Until today that is!

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