Freezer to Crockpot challenge here I come!

0Last Monday I finally decided to go for it and put my crock pot to the challenge. Since getting it for my birthday I have used it 4 times, all to full content, but somehow it felt easier to just decide what to make for dinner last-minute – especially the hubby feels this way. So after some reasoning with him about costs, ease and luring him in with some tasty looking recipes I found on Pinterest, he agreed to give it a go. The advantage, I told him, would also be that since it was all in the freezer, there was no problem in eating something else in between. Luckily we have an online supermarket that delivers their (fresh) groceries all the way into your kitchen!

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Upgrade the kitchen – part 1

keep-calm-and-visit-ikea-1It has been one hell of a week and I am so glad you guys were patient enough to wait till now to get my next post. After the stressful week at work I got to relax in one of my favourite ways which is not bubbling in a spa or lying around all day. No, my dad took me to IKEA 😀 I know loads of people think going to IKEA is a stressful experience but for me, walking around there is opening up my mind for inspiration. I just love IKEA – our home is proof enough of that – and really enjoy going there. This weekend my dad and I went with a couple of possible projects in mind – two of which we actually got round to work on. Today’s post is all about project 1: The cabinet under the sink!

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