Jalapeño Poppers

1As promised in my recent party post, I’m going to share my version of the jalapeño popper! Beforehand I had tried out some versions I had come across to see what I should serve at the party and with some help of hubby we tweaked the recipe to be just right.

blog 008

Together with the bacon-twirls they were the hit of the buffet! I’m already looking forward to the next party so I can make (and eat) more of these jummie treats! I do hope you find them just as delicious.

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It’s my Birthday!

keep-calm-and-celebrate-my-b-day-15Well it was some time ago – January 5 – but I put so much work in it back then that I decided to use the pictures I made for a friend who couldn’t be present to create this series of blog posts. I would like to apologise straight away for some crappy photo work – They were taken the moment the first guests were ringing the door!

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Eggs in the oven


For a recent party I wanted to make a large bowl of egg-salad, and since I had to make a reasonably large batch I thought I could finally try out something I saw on Pinterest: making “hard-boiled” eggs in the oven by The Burlap Bag. As always I was eager to try because it really sounded like an easier way to get the eggs done! So with high hopes I placed 10 lovely (and slightly decorated) eggs in my mini-muffin tray ready to go into the oven.

blog 009

I stuffed them in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes – in the meantime working on the many other snacks for the party (which you can read about next week). Below you can see how these eggs turned out.

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Triple Baking

keep-calm-and-bake-away-3When my mother-in-law’s birthday came around I hadn’t been able to get her something – I didn’t want to go for yet another cheeseboard or something like that. But I knew she was going to host a party for neighbourhood friends to celebrate her and my father-in-law’s combined 125th birthday so I offered to cater it for her. Eventually all I needed to do was take care of the sweet bites to go with the coffee instead of a piece of cake or pie. After plenty of debate I settled on brownies, cinnamon roles and apple-caramel-cupcakes.

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