Sending a ‘get well soon’-card

Sending a 'get well soon'-card

When people are ill you might send them a text message, an email or a Facebook message – but as far as bringing across a message I still love the simplicity of a card sent to your home address. After browsing for inspiration on Pinterest I found two ideas I liked. First there is the decorated envelope and secondly the very adorable use of band-aids on a card. So I took out a piece of scrap booking paper, two band-aids, an envelope and some decorating pens and went to town. I must say I am quite pleased with the lettering on the envelope and the card turned out quite cute if I say so myself.


It’s my Birthday!

keep-calm-and-celebrate-my-b-day-15Well it was some time ago – January 5 – but I put so much work in it back then that I decided to use the pictures I made for a friend who couldn’t be present to create this series of blog posts. I would like to apologise straight away for some crappy photo work – They were taken the moment the first guests were ringing the door!

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Elephants with weaves?


When birthdays or special occasions come around it always feels like forever before I can find the right gift. And while it should be very satisfying to bring home that gift, I usually feel less happy when it comes in those store-wrappings that hardly ever look pretty or inviting. So since a few months I’ve started to wrap my own gifts and I try to do so by adding a hint of personality to it – linked to the receiver of the gift or to me. I’d like to share two of my recent ones with you.

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Blog and whatnot planner

keep-calm-and-create-bindersAfter creating my mealplanner I felt like I could up the structure some more (especially after missing my first deadline within a week of the launch!) so I decided to start working with the blogplanner I found earlier. I also found a wonderfully basic To-do planner that I am going to incorporate into this binder.

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Mealplanning and recipe binder

keep-calm-and-plan-aheadEver since I was 16 I started having an interest in cooking so I started collecting recipes. Everything I came across I would collect and type out, add a scanned picture of the meal and sort in different courses. Now, 12 years later I have a huge collection of recipes but use hardly any. It was a remark from my brother-in-law that made me turn around on this. He wondered why I didn’t just keep the recipes I tried and liked. So in a moment of cleaning rage I went through all the recipes and made note of the successful recipes, tossing out what I would never make. I was left over with a A3 box full of potential recipes and about 40 keepers. But how could I make sure to limit those potentials?

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Getting rid of the clutter

desk declutter

I have always been organising things – making lists, putting things on alphabet – but somehow I tend to end up in a cluttered environment because I have so many ideas but never the time, energy or means to actually sort things out properly. But last weekend it finally hit the point of no return. I was fed up with the mess on my desk and the idea of starting this blog finally pushed me into action.

mess 1

A colourful collection or so it seems, but I can’t find a thing!

mess 2

When we zoom in all we see is more things I don’t need…

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