Spring cleaning?


Last week it seemed spring had finally arrived, the sun was out, birds flying and coats were left on their hangers come break time… it was just a tad too early for the first skirt-day of the year, but it was getting there! And as every year that first day of spring is all it takes to get into spring cleaning mood! So the ideas started to flow and I settled on a couple of projects to take care of this time around. The first step was taken last weekend, but now the weather has turned – it was -6 degrees C (21 F) last night – it seems I have lost the buzz! What to do?

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Upgrade the kitchen – part 1

keep-calm-and-visit-ikea-1It has been one hell of a week and I am so glad you guys were patient enough to wait till now to get my next post. After the stressful week at work I got to relax in one of my favourite ways which is not bubbling in a spa or lying around all day. No, my dad took me to IKEA 😀 I know loads of people think going to IKEA is a stressful experience but for me, walking around there is opening up my mind for inspiration. I just love IKEA – our home is proof enough of that – and really enjoy going there. This weekend my dad and I went with a couple of possible projects in mind – two of which we actually got round to work on. Today’s post is all about project 1: The cabinet under the sink!

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Blog and whatnot planner

keep-calm-and-create-bindersAfter creating my mealplanner I felt like I could up the structure some more (especially after missing my first deadline within a week of the launch!) so I decided to start working with the blogplanner I found earlier. I also found a wonderfully basic To-do planner that I am going to incorporate into this binder.

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Mealplanning and recipe binder

keep-calm-and-plan-aheadEver since I was 16 I started having an interest in cooking so I started collecting recipes. Everything I came across I would collect and type out, add a scanned picture of the meal and sort in different courses. Now, 12 years later I have a huge collection of recipes but use hardly any. It was a remark from my brother-in-law that made me turn around on this. He wondered why I didn’t just keep the recipes I tried and liked. So in a moment of cleaning rage I went through all the recipes and made note of the successful recipes, tossing out what I would never make. I was left over with a A3 box full of potential recipes and about 40 keepers. But how could I make sure to limit those potentials?

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Getting rid of the clutter

desk declutter

I have always been organising things – making lists, putting things on alphabet – but somehow I tend to end up in a cluttered environment because I have so many ideas but never the time, energy or means to actually sort things out properly. But last weekend it finally hit the point of no return. I was fed up with the mess on my desk and the idea of starting this blog finally pushed me into action.

mess 1

A colourful collection or so it seems, but I can’t find a thing!

mess 2

When we zoom in all we see is more things I don’t need…

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